Welcome to the JigRig. This website was launched in 2013 to assist learners of Irish Traditional Music. The site contains a selection of Irish Traditional Airs and Dance Tunes as well as Printed Collections and Recordings for beginners and intermediate musicians.

The site also contains Tune Sets as played for Ceili Dancing from the Clonmany Ceili Band. Scroll down this page for Ceili Band Tunes.

The Tunes:

All tunes in the table below have PDF and Audio mp3 files. The tunes consist only of the basic melody. They do not include ornamentation or variation, as these techniques are best learned in class.

Tunes marked “Ceolan” are from the 2013 Tune Book of Ceolan Music School Moville and feature Audio Fiddle Tracks to assist learning.

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Tune Contents

IDNameTypeSourceLevelSee Details
1001Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Key of D)AirCeolan 1Tune 1001
1002Nil Na La AirCeolan 1Tune 1002
1003Thugamar Fein an Samhraidh Linn AirCeolan 1Tune 1003
1004Dawning of the DayMarchCeolan 1Tune 1004
1005Terry Teahans PolkaPolkaCeolan 1Tune 1005
1006Roddy McCorleyMarchCeolan 1Tune 1006
1007Glenside PolkaPolkaCeolan 2Tune 1007
1008Silent NightCarolCeolan 1Tune 1008
1009Carul na NollaigCarolCeolan 1Tune 1009
1010Down by the Sally GardensAirCeolan 1Tune 1010
1011Dublin StreetsSlip JigCeolan 2Tune 1011
1012Spanish LadyPolkaCeolan 1Tune 1012
1013Fig for a KissSlip JigCeolan 2Tune 1013
1014Donegal MazurkaMazurkaCeolan 2Tune 1014
1015Rakes of MallowPolkaCeolan 2Tune 1015
1016South WindsAirCeolan 2Tune 1016
1017Tripping to the WellPolkaCeolan 2Tune 1017
1018Keel RowBarndanceCeolan 2Tune 1018
1019Egans PolkaPolkaCeolan 2Tune 1019
1020Leg of the DuckDouble JigCeolan 2Tune 1020
1021Horse with a HeartDouble JigCeolan 3Tune 1021
1022Brid Og Ni MhailleAirCeolan 2Tune 1022
1023Rolling in the RyegrassReelCeolan 3Tune 1023
1024Silver SpearReelCeolan 4Tune 1024
1025Rogaire DubhDouble JigCeolan 4Tune 1025
1026Joe Byrnes BarndanceBarndanceCeolan 3Tune 1026
1027Miss PowersPlanxtyCeolan 3Tune 1027
1028Tripping up the StairsDouble JigCeolan 4Tune 1028
1029Derek Mc Ginleys BarndanceBarndanceCeolan 4Tune 1029
1030Blackthorn StickDouble JigCeolan 3Tune 1030
1031Harvest HomeHornpipeCeolan 4Tune 1031
1032Morning StarReelCeolan 4Tune 1032
1033Boys of BluehillHornpipeCeolan 3Tune 1033
1034Road to LisdoonvarnaSlideCeolan 3Tune 1034
1035Mo Ghile MearAirCeolan 2Tune 1035
1036Dan Mack's PolkaPolkaCeolan 3Tune 1036
1037Down the BraeMarchCeolan 3Tune 1037
1038O'Connor's PolkaPolkaCeolan 3Tune 1038
1039An Botharin BuiAirCeolan 2Tune 1039
1040Runaway JigDouble JigCeolan 3Tune 1040
1041Gerry O'Connor's PolkaPolkaThe Jig Rig1Tune 1041
1042Cockles and MusselsAirThe Jig Rig1Tune 1042
1043An Sean Bhean BhochtAirThe Jig Rig1Tune 1043
1044My Singing BirdAirThe Jig Rig1Tune 1044
1045Rattling BogPolkaCeolan1Tune 1045
1046Britches Full of StitchesPolkaCeolan1Tune 1046
1047Buachaill An EirneAirThe Jig Rig1Tune 1047
1048Lucy Farr's BarndanceBarndanceThe Jig Rig1Tune 1048
1049Star of the County DownAirThe Jig Rig1Tune 1049
1050Sargeant Cahill's JigSingle JigCeolan1Tune 1050
1051I'll Tell me MaPolkaThe Jig Rig1Tune 1051
1052Baidin FheilimiAirThe Jig Rig1Tune 1052
1053Mary McNamara's BarndanceBarndanceThe Jig Rig2Tune 1053
1054Lilting BansheeDouble JigCeolan2Tune 1054
1055Tomgraney CastleHornpipeCeolan3Tune 1055
1056Fairies HornpipeHornpipeCeolan3Tune 1056
1057Boys of BallisodareSlip JigCeolan3Tune 1057
1058ButterflySlip JigCeolan3Tune 1058
1059Off to CaliforniaHornpipeCeolan3Tune 1059
1060Stack of WheatHornpipeCeolan4Tune 1060
1061Rambling PitchforkDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1061
1062My Darling AsleepDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1062
1063Tatter Jack WalshDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1063
1064Hardiman the FiddlerSlip JigCeolan4Tune 1064
1065Old Joe's JigDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1065
1066Whelan's JigDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1066
1067My Mind Will Never Be EasySlip JigCeolan3Tune 1067
1068Mary's Spinning WheelSingle JigCeolan2Tune 1068
1069Caide Sin Do'n Te SinAirCeolan2Tune 1069
1070Lowlands of HollandMarchCeolan3Tune 1070
1071Dobbin's Flowery ValeAirCeolan3Tune 1071
1072Follow Me Down to CarlowDouble JigCeolan2Tune 1072
1073Stack of BarleyHornpipeCeolan3Tune 1073
1074Lord InchiquinAirCeolan4Tune 1074
1075Paidin O'RaffertyDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1075
1076Out on the OceanDouble JigCeolan3Tune 1076
1077Redhaired LassReelCeolan4Tune 1077
1078Wind that Shakes the BarleyReelCeolan4Tune 1078
1079Miss McCloud's ReelReelCeolan4Tune 1079
1080Jim Ward's JigDouble JigCeolan3Tune 1080
1081Trip to the CottageDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1081
1082Sweet Biddy DalyDouble JigCeolan3Tune 1082
1083Hunters HouseReelCeolan5Tune 1083
1084CastlekellyReelCeolan5Tune 1084
1085Boys of the TownDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1085
1086BansheeReelCeolan5Tune 1086
1087Maids of MitchelstownReelCeolan5Tune 1087
1088Going to the Well for WaterDouble JigCeolan4Tune 1088
1089Belharbour ReelReelCeolan5Tune 1089
1090Pigeon on the GateReelCeolan5Tune 1090
1091Maid Behind the BarReelCeolan5Tune 1091
1092Lonesome Road to DinglePolkaCeolan4Tune 1092
1093Maids of ArdaghPolkaCeolan2Tune 1093
1094Maggie in the WoodsPolkaCeolan2Tune 1094
1095Shoe the DonkeyMazurkaCeolan2Tune 1095
1096Some Say the Devil's DeadHighlandCeolan3Tune 1096
1097Soldiers JoySingle ReelCeolan3Tune 1097
1098Johnny Leary's PolkaPolkaCeolan3Tune 1098
1099Johnny Leary's JigDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1099
1100If there Weren't any Women in the WorldBarndanceThe Jig Rig3Tune 1100
1101O'Donnell AbuMarchCeolan3Tune 1101
1102Far From HomeReelCeolan4Tune 1102
1103Molly BanReelCeolan5Tune 1103
1104Two Yellow GoatsPolkaThe Jig Rig2Tune 1104
1105Whigsborough HuntSlip JigThe Jig Rig2Tune 1105
1106Green Fields of AmericaReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1106
1107Come West Along the RoadReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1107
1108Limerick MazurkaMazurkaThe Jig Rig4Tune 1108
1109Abbey ReelReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1109
1110John Kelly's SlideSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1110
1111Donal O'Keeffe's SlideSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1111
1112Joe CooleysReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1112
1113Humours of TullaReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1113
1114Mountain RoadReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1114
1115Teetotaller's FancyReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1115
1116High ReelReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1116
1117Mountain RoseReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1117
1118Peeler's JacketReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1118
1119Pullet ReelReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1119
1120Planxty IrwinPlanxtyThe Jig Rig4Tune 1120
1121Pretty Maggie MorrisseyHornpipeThe Jig Rig4Tune 1121
1122Three Sea CaptainsSet DanceThe Jig Rig4Tune 1122
1123Dance of the HoneybeesHornpipeCeolan5Tune 1123
1124Sherlock's HornpipeHornpipeThe Jig Rig5Tune 1124
1125Jim McFadden's BarndanceBarndanceJim Doherty4Tune 1125
1126Braes of MarHighlandJim Doherty3Tune 1126
1127Keel RowHighlandThe Jig Rig2Tune 1127
1128Humours of TullycrineHornpipeThe Jig Rig3Tune 1128
1129Love Will You Marry MeHighlandJim Doherty2Tune 1129
1130East of GlendartDouble JigCeolan3Tune 1130
1131Maggie in the WoodPolkaCeolan1Tune 1131
1132Oro se do bheatha bhaileAirCeolan1Tune 1132
1133Sweeney's PolkaPolkaThe Jig Rig3Tune 1133
1134Ryan's PolkaPolkaThe Jig Rig3Tune 1134
1135King of the FairiesSet DanceCeolan4Tune 1135
1136Woodpecker JigDouble JigJim Doherty5Tune 1136
1137Humours of BallinafadDouble JigJim Doherty5Tune 1137
1138Dooney RockDouble JigJim Doherty5Tune 1138
1139Rambles of KittyDouble JigJim Doherty5Tune 1139
1140Jim Doherty's BarndanceBarndanceJim Doherty3Tune 1140
1141Road to LisdoonvarnaPolkaJim Doherty3Tune 1141
1142Finnegan's WakePolkaJim Doherty1Tune 1142
1143Marine SlideSlideJim Doherty3Tune 1143
1144John McGee's SlideSlideJim Doherty3Tune 1144
1145Jim Doherty's PolkaPolkaJim Doherty3Tune 1145
1146Green Grow the RushesHighlandJim Doherty3Tune 1146
1147Corn RigsHighlandJim Doherty3Tune 1147
1148Frost is all OverDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1148
1149Saddle the PonyDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1149
1150Tobin's FavouriteDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1150
1151Kilavill JigDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1151
1152Banks of Lough GownaDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1152
1153Eddie Duffy's BarndanceBarndanceThe Jig Rig3Tune 1153
1154Michael O'Gorman's BarndanceBarndanceThe Jig Rig3Tune 1154
1155Sonny's MazurkaMazurkaThe Jig Rig2Tune 1155
1156Glenties MazurkaMazurkaThe Jig Rig3Tune 1156
1157Tommy People's MazurkaMazurkaThe Jig Rig3Tune 1157
1158Martin McGinley's MazurkaMazurkaThe Jig Rig2Tune 1158
1159Plains of BoyleHornpipeThe Jig Rig3Tune 1159
1160Templehouse ReelReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1160
1161Glenswilly HighlandHighlandThe Jig Rig3Tune 1161
1162Cameron Got His Wife Again HighlandThe Jig Rig3Tune 1162
1163Irish Washer WomanDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1163
1164Jackson's FavouriteDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1164
1165Coppers and BrassSlip JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1165
1166Smash the WindowsDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1166
1167Around the Fairy FortBarndanceThe Jig Rig3Tune 1167
1168Carrowroe JigDouble JigThe Jig Rig4Tune 1168
1169Kesh JigDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1169
1170Mist Covered MountainDouble JigThe Jig Rig4Tune 1170
1171Home RulerHornpipeThe Jig Rig4Tune 1171
1172Kitty's WeddingHornpipeThe Jig Rig4Tune 1172
1173Liverpool HornpipeHornpipeThe Jig Rig4Tune 1173
1174Ballydesmond PolkaPolkaThe Jig Rig3Tune 1174
1175Concertina ReelReelThe Jig Rig4Tune 1175
1176Merry BlacksmithReelThe Jig Rig4Tune 1176
1177Dan O'Keeffe's SlideSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1177
1178Star Above the GarterSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1178
1179Marine WaltzWaltzThe Jig Rig4Tune 1179
1180Captain BingPolkaThe Jig Rig3Tune 1180
1181Jolly Roving TarBarndanceThe Jig Rig3Tune 1181
1182Moll RoeSlip JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1182
1183Denis Murphy'sSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1183
1184Ballyvourney SlideSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1184
1185The KaiserSlideThe Jig Rig3Tune 1185
1186Cow that Ate the BlanketDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1186
1187Black RogueDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1187
1188Geese in the BogDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1188
1189Paddy's ReturnDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1189
1190Pay the ReckoningDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1190
1191Wicklow HornpipeHornpipeThe Jig Rig3Tune 1191
1192Dunphy's HornpipeHornpipeThe Jig Rig4Tune 1192
1193Honeysuckle HornpipeHornpipeThe Jig Rig3Tune 1193
1194Rights of ManHornpipeThe Jig Rig3Tune 1194
1195Bean PaidinSlip JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1195
1196Dick Gossip's ReelReelThe Jig Rig5Tune 1196
1197Tell Her I AmDouble JigThe Jig Rig3Tune 1197
1198Friendly VisitHornpipeThe Jig Rig4Tune 1198
1199Two Yellow GoatsPolkaThe Jig Rig1Tune 1199
1200Bill O'Sullivan's PolkaPolkaThe Jig Rig1Tune 1200
1201O'Dalaigh's PolkaPolkaThe Jig Rig1Tune 1201
1202Joe Ryan's BarndanceBarndanceThe Jig Rig3Tune 1202

Ceili Dance Tunes

This section contains a selection of Ceili Dance Tunes arranged in sets as played by the Clonmany Ceili Band. The Clonmany Ceili Band was formed in 1956. The leader of the band was the late Seamus Grant, fiddle player. Seamus arranged the tunes for the dances and favoured Single Reels for the Long Dances in 4/4 time. Below you will find some of the more popular dance tunes from the Inishowen Peninsula.

Ceili DanceTuneTune TitleTypeSee Details
Eight Hand Jig1Mucking of Geordie's ByreDouble JigEight Hand Jig
Eight Hand Jig2Jean IrelandDouble Jig
Eight Hand Jig3Jackson's Morning BrushDouble Jig
Eight Hand Reel1PetronellaSingle ReelEight Hand Reel
Eight Hand Reel2Gan AinmSingle Reel
Eight Hand Reel3My Love is but a LassieSingle Reel
Fairy Reel1Fairy ReelReelFairy Reel
Gates of Derry1Gates of DerryDouble JigGates of Derry
Haymakers Jig1Biddy the Bold WifeDouble JigHaymakers Jig
Haymakers Jig2Tell Her I AmDouble Jig
Haymakers Jig3Paddy in LondonDouble Jig
Haymakers Jig4Scotsman Over the BorderDouble Jig
Haymakers Jig5Hartigans FancyDouble Jig
High Cauled Cap1Farewell to WhiskeySingle ReelHigh Cauled Cap
High Cauled Cap2The White CockadeSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap3The Girl I Left BehindSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap4The Boys of County WestmeathSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap5The Road to LisdoonvarnaSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap6Jean Kirkpatricks FancySingle Reel
Humours of Bandon1Humours of BandonDouble JigHumours of Bandon
Morris Reel1Dashing White SergeantSingle ReelMorris Reel
Morris Reel2The Bottom of the PunchbowlSingle Reel
Morris Reel3La RuseSingle Reel
Morris Reel4The West EndSingle Reel
Siege of Carrick1Haste to the WeddingDouble JigSiege of Carrick
Siege of Ennis1The Geese in the BogDouble JigSiege of Ennis
Siege of Ennis2Rakes of KildareDouble Jig
Siege of Ennis3Biddy from SligoDouble Jig
Siege of Ennis4Smash the WindowsDouble Jig
Sixteen Hand Reel1Gan AinmSingle ReelSixteen Hand Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel2Gan AinmSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel3Duke of PerthSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel4Corn ReeksSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel5Statten IslandSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel6BirkhallSingle Reel
The Three Tunes1Haste to the WeddingDouble JigThree Tunes
The Three Tunes2Leslie's HornpipeHornpipe
The Three Tunes3German BeauSingle Reel
Trip to the Cottage1Trip to the CottageDouble JigTrip to the Cottage
Walls of Limerick1The Rose TreeSingle ReelWalls of Limerick
Walls of Limerick2Rattling BogSingle Reel
Test TuneEast Coast Jig

For more information about Seamus Grant visit www.seamusgrantweekend.com

Inishowen Traditional Music Project: https://inishowenmusic.ie/

If you have any Comments, Requests for Tunes or Suggestions send me a mail. mddenieffe@gmail.com