Practice Video Set 3

Play along with a collection of tunes played on C#/D Accordion.

Tobin’s Jig, Boys of Bluehill Hornpipe, Whelan’s Jig, Rolling in the Ryegrass Reel, Johnny Leary’s Jig and East of Glendart, Martin Mc Ginley’s Mazurka, Joe Byrne’s Barndance.


If There Weren’t Any Women in the World Barndance, Blackthorn Stick Double Jig, Lucy Farr’s Barndance, The Rose Tree Polka, Planxty Irwin, Sergeant Cahill’s Slide and The Morning Star Reel.


Butterfly, Bells of Tipperary Slip Jigs, Maids of Ardagh, Egans Polkas, Tripping Upstairs and My Darling Asleep Double Jigs.


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